Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

As Christmas grows near Local Dorper Lamb and Bella G Tallow are reflecting with gratitude toward the local community, who have kept us afloat through the trials in tribulations of 2021.

Let this Christmas be a time to rest, to heal, to come together and celebrate with the ones we hold dearest.

Giving beautiful thoughtful gifts is of course, all a part of the fun. Between both our brands we can say with certainty, we’ve got that department well and truly covered.

Sustainably created, high quality gifts the whole family will love and that warm fuzzy feeling, that’ll come from supporting small business and shopping local this Christmas.

It doesn’t get better than that!

Gifts For Dad

Nothing makes dads feel more stoic and macho, than cooking up an absolute storm on the barby. Sure, he pours a little too much beer on the snags but at least you know they’re cooked with love!

Get dad an epic leg of Australian Dorper Lamb this Christmas and let him barbeque, roast, or smoke until his heart’s content.

This gift may induce happy dancing to those Michael Bublé Christmas carols mum puts on… You’ll believe it when you see it, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Gifts for Mum

Has mum got every anti-aging miracle cream under the sun stashed away in her bathroom draw? Is she particularly disgruntled by the fact that none of those costly products have worked?

The stress of a family can really take its toll on your skin, so get mum a gift you well and truly owe her.

Bella G tallow face and body moisturiser, is sustainably sourced, organic skin care, packed with naturally occurring active ingredients and oils that really work. We guarantee it!

Gifts for the Kids

All the hormones in our teenage years can really bring out the worst in our skin – for girls and boys alike.

Skin conditions like acne and eczema can really be a confidence buster for teens but they don’t have to be.

Rich in active ingredients and natural oils to help treat majority of skin imbalances, Bella G Tallow really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Gifts For the Dog

We could never forget scruffy, or spot, or (insert doggo’s name here).

Doggies know when Christmas comes around.

When else can they snap, bite and pull down the ornaments off that weird fake tree that appears in the living room (and smells suspiciously like dog wee).

And when else do they get to scoff down scraps of Christmas ham or potato salad.

Avoid stomach upset and ensure your pooch feels the love this Christmas, by gifting them some 100% natural dehydrated dorper lamb bones.

If they didn’t already love you unconditionally, they will after these bad boys.

Enjoy your gifts and have a peaceful, safe and very merry Local Dorper Lamb and Bella G Tallow Christmas.

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