Dorper Lamb

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About Dorper Lamb

The fast-growing, large-sized Dorper lamb is well-known for its health benefits, juicy tenderness and premium taste. This kind of quality meat is extremely well paired with our sustainable, regenerative farming principles to create one delicious, nutritious option for consumers. Read more about Dorper lamb here.

Our Dorper lamb are raised on an organic, grass-fed diet thanks to the natural grasses that grow on our 80 acres of pasture. Absolutely no growth hormones, vaccines or antibiotics are used – we are strictly sustainable.

Yes, we raise our Dorper lambs without the use of antibiotics, hormones and vaccines like MRNA, ensuring a natural and healthy product for you and your family.

Regenerative farming is an innovative agricultural approach that focuses on restoring and revitalising the land during farming. We aim to enhance biodiversity, improve soil quality and maintain the ecosystem of our farm through our regenerative farming methods.

Absolutely! We offer the option to customise your order by selecting specific products or cuts of Dorper lamb that best suit your preferences (and tastebuds). Just click ‘Add extra products’ and choose your favourites.

Certainly! Our delivery partners offer tracking information for all our shipments so you know when to expect your order.

The specific weight of our Dorper lamb products varies depending on the type of pack you purchase as well as any additional extras chosen, but each product pack will weigh an estimated 10kg.

Delivery is based on your location. For customers located in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, we can deliver daily! For interstate orders to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, we ship once a week. For more about our shipping process, contact us here.

While we can’t provide definite delivery days and times, we can say that you should receive your order within a week depending on where you’re located. We’re a small, family-owned and operated farm so we handle all packing and shipping ourselves, but this guarantees all orders will arrive as fresh as possible.

We ship our products fresh, but we recommend you freeze some items once they arrive to minimise food wastage.

Our Dorper lamb products can be frozen for up to 2 years and still maintain their quality and freshness. Any refrigerated Dorper products should be cooked and enjoyed within 5 days (so make sure you have plenty of freezer room!).

We prioritise freshness during shipping using insulated packaging and ice packs. We also use reliable shipping partners to ensure on-time delivery. For more on delivery estimates and shipping costs, contact us!

Yes, we provide cooking instructions and tips for each specific cut of Dorper lamb, helping you achieve the best flavour and tenderness in your meals. We also share some of our favourite recipes in our news and articles!

We stand behind our Dorper lamb’s quality, as well as our best practices in processes and packaging. But if you don’t love your Dorper as much as we think you might, please contact us here.

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Family Pack

Our Dorper Lamb Family Pack has all you need to feed everyone at the table, twice.

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Fancy yourself a Masterchef? Our Entertainer Pack can impress any table of judges.

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“Best tasting lamb I’ve had to date – the quality is amazing!! Each cut I’ve had (nearly all of them) has been so flavoursome. My favourite has been the slow-cooked lamb shoulder in their pasture-raised, grass-fed tallow. I love their seaweed fertiliser too for the gardens; it’s like nothing else I’ve used.” – Jordan Cousins


“Warren and Marina produce the tastiest lamb and offer a friendly local service through the markets. It’s great to talk directly to the people who raise and look after the sheep, local lamb at its best.” – Thomas Scott


“I Love purchasing Local Dorper Lamb’s products at the Ballina Farmers Market at Missingham by the Sea on Sundays. Warren and Marina are extremely nice to talk to and learn about their farm. The taste of their lamb is like none other. So tender and flavourful! Plus, they have such a variety for any type of occasion, but my favourite would either be low and slow on charcoal BBQ or a Shank in the Slow Cooker!” – Alexander Sharkey


“Great local product, a full, rich flavour and not too fatty. The eye fillets, rumps and mince are all wonderful. Love buying local too!” – Helen McDonough


“I had your lamb for the first time this week! A lamb leg roast and some beautiful ribs. I’ve never had lamb or any kind of meat with such depth of flavour, you can taste the care that has gone into these animals. Your ethical farming practises are reflected in the lamb, and I cannot wait until my next purchase.” – Larissa


“Just wanted to say, that was the most delicious lamb chops we have ever had.” – Kristin Bass