Regenerative farming: a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture

Farming is in our blood. Growing up on farms and then managing our own, we’ve always found something inherently magical about working in harmony with the land we farm on. In that way, we’ve come to see farmland as being equally important as the animals (and families!) we raise on it.

That’s why we love adhering to modern regenerative farming principles for our Dorper lamb. We believe this is the most connected, holistic approach to farming. But curious customers often ask about what regenerative farming is.

So let’s explore what, how and why we prioritise regenerative farming, as well as how it results in the best end product for you!

Lambs on farm

What is regenerative farming?

In a word, we say regenerative farming is a philosophy.

In a world where the words ‘organic health benefits’ might refer more to marketing than to customer benefits, we find it crucial to stick to our values in how we raise our Dorper lambs. That’s why we believe our regenerative farming practice is a philosophy that extends far beyond simple sustainability.

Regenerative farming is a very specific approach to land and farm management that recognises our connection to the land we live on. It prioritises the nourishment of the land, instead of cutting it down until there’s nothing left.

Any farm will naturally cause changes to the land and ground it’s built on. But when we apply regenerative techniques, we can ensure those changes are not harmful or damaging to the ecosystem. Our farming restores and nurtures the land instead.

It also allows us to consider and work within the local ecosystems, climate and region to give us a better idea about the most suitable choices. It’s these choices that will help us leave the land in a better condition for future generations.

Man getting some soil using hands

Key features of regenerative farming

We’re guided by several key principles of regenerative farming.

Soil health

We use methods like composting, rotational feeding and our very own seaweed fertiliser to maintain the health of our soil and increase organic matter.

This allows us to avoid synthetic fertilisers containing nasty chemicals that can harm both our environment and the quality of our Dorper lamb products.

Regenerative farming also encourages healthier microbial growth in the soil, which supports nutritious vegetation that our Dorpers eat to further improve their health.

Conservation of biodiversity

We know how important and delicate the biodiversity of a farm can be. Traditional agricultural practices can quickly wipe out an entire habitat of flora and fauna, but our regenerative techniques support and enhance the natural biodiversity of our farm.

These techniques include cultivating a diverse habitat of vegetation, preserving native plants and encouraging a wide range of natural wildlife and insects.

Efficient water management

Efficiently managing all the water on our farm is crucial, particularly during the hotter months when rainfall can be minimal and droughts can occur.

We do this through methods like harvesting rainwater to reuse across the farm and having well-developed irrigation measures in place to prevent the erosion of soil.

Pest management

We’re often asked how we manage weeds and pests on the farm without using pesticides or herbicides. But there are plenty of regenerative farming techniques that we can utilise to naturally manage farm pests.

Using a mix of measures like natural predators, beneficial insects and crop rotation, we’re able to avoid relying on pesticides and maintain our Dorpers’ environment in a way that doesn’t compromise their health (or the health of our customers).

The best benefit of all

We love the respect and connection to the land regenerative farming gives us. And we find comfort in knowing we’re supporting a thriving ecosystem at the same time as providing high-quality, nutritious food to our valued customers.

But above all, the best benefit we see from our regenerative farming is the way our Dorper lambs flourish on our farm, nourish families, put smiles on faces and connect people through our love of good food.

Our customers love knowing they have a reliable source of high-quality lamb products, but more than that, they can trust that we have raised each product with these regenerative farming methods. And we believe you can really taste the difference.

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