Local Dorper Lamb Tallow – Health Benefits and more

If you’re looking for a healthy source of fat for your cooking – you’re in safe hands with Local Dorper Lamb. The conversation around “healthy fats” has begun shifting in recent years, due to a rise in the interest in health and wellness.

With new break-through scientific studies disproving the link between saturated fat and heart disease and a wealth of studies reiterating the importance of monosaturated fats in a healthy diet, many are beginning to reconsider the health benefits of consuming unrefined, grass-fed tallow in place of polyunsaturated, refined cooking oils.

What is Lamb Tallow

Lamb tallow, is the rendered fat of a lamb. The quality of the tallow is ultimately determined by the quality of the pastures in which the animals graze. Consuming a native diet, is conducive to the development of healthy fat stores, rich with beneficial vitamins and acids. At Local Dorper Lamb, our lambs are reared under our organic, sustainable and stress-free farming practices, whereby they graze on 80 acres of quality pastures and native grasses.

Our high quality lamb tallow is comprised of 47% saturated fat, 41% monosaturated fat and just 7.8% polyunsaturated fat. It is rich in vitamins A, D, E, K, B1 and conjugated linoleic acid, all of which have astounding benefits to our health and well-being.

Benefits of switching to Lamb Tallow

  • Improves heart health

Despite being a source of dietary cholesterol, lamb tallow has shown to have little to no impact on cholesterol levels. This is thanks to the incredible acids and health fats in tallow, which effectively balance the effects of the ingested cholesterol.

Found in high levels in lamb tallow, stearic acid has a unique ability to balance cholesterol by activating the energy centres of your body’s cells. In doing so, it triggers the metabolism to begin converting consumed cholesterol into the hormones your body needs to function. Stearic acid has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

What’s more, grass-fed tallow is high in monosaturated fat and conjugated linoleic acid (healthy fats), which have been shown to have little effect on blood cholesterol levels.

  • Aids in vitamin absorption and supports the immune system

Lamb tallow provides both a rich source of vitamins A, D, E, K and B1, and the healthy fats necessary for your body to absorb these vitamins. It is also thought to increase absorption from other foods you may consume, which are rich in these vitamins.

Increasing our consumption levels and ability to absorb vitamins A, D, E, K and B1 through the consumption of tallow supports the immune system, which is heavily reliant on these vitamins.

  • Reduces inflammation

found in abundance in our lamb tallow, conjugated linoleic acid has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Promotes fat loss

The conjugated linoleic acid (in our lamb tallow), has also been linked to improving metabolic health and increased fat loss.

  • Has a high smoke point

In comparison to other oils and fats, lamb tallow has a high smoke point and can reach up to 248 degrees Celsius before “burning”. We have only recently begun to learn of the negative impacts of cooking food in burnt oil, some of which include; reduced nutritional benefits and the formation of free radicals.

Because of its high smoke point, tallow is able to hold its chemical composition when exposed to high temperatures while cooking, preserving its nutritional benefits for consumption.

  • Improves skin health

After learning the immense benefits of consuming tallow, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that tallow is equally beneficial to skin health when applied topically. Our sister brand, Bella G Tallow is operating under these same sustainable, organic farming conditions to create a revolutionary, organic skincare solution for people at any age or stage.

Click here, to learn about the active ingredients and the extensive list of benefits of our organic skin care range.

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Your knowledge is your power!

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