Why is grass fed lamb so important?

Different food on table

Why is grass fed important? Simply put, it’s the most natural and optimal source of food for a lamb to thrive on, as they’re biologically designed to digest grass much better than grains or processed foods.

How the animal has lived it’s life is important too – from how it’s treated, the space it’s given to live, down to the love it’s given – this all makes up the nutrient density that the end product becomes. It also determines how your body digests and is then able to use it for energy production.

happy animal = happy human

I’ve been fortunate enough to cook with various @localdorperlamb cuts and can hands down say it’s the most flavoursome lamb I’ve ever eaten. I love that they’re local to my area and they practice sustainable farming, utilising every part of the lamb.

Here is a slow cooked shoulder of lamb on the bone. Gently cooked for 12 hours, allowing for the fat to render down the shoulder to a soft, stringy and mouth watering piece of meat. I’ve found cooking things slowly – easier to digest, simpler to cook and a great way to feed many.

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