From our farm to your table: The Dorper Lamb process

From our farm to your table: the Dorper lamb process

As born and bred farmers, we’ve had a lifetime to figure out a way of farming that feels perfect for us, our farm and our customers too. But as farmers of Dorper Lambs, we get asked a lot of curious questions from people who haven’t yet had the joy of coming across this little-known sheep.

We’ve grown to love sharing insight into Dorpers, as well as the process we’ve perfected that allows us to offer such a premium product.

Group of lamb in the farm

It all starts in a sustainable farming environment

Dorper lamb might not be a familiar name to many consumers, but it’s a well-known and popular breed highly regarded in the farming world for many reasons.

Dorpers originally came from South Africa, as a cross between Dorset Horn and Blackhead Persian sheep – two breeds chosen specifically for their high-quality meat, resilience and exceptional adaptability to various climates and environments.

Dorpers are well-known for their many wonderful qualities, including their resistance to parasites and diseases, which makes them ideal to keep in flocks and also minimises the need for medications.

They grow rapidly to produce well-developed meat that provides a favourable meat-to-bone ratio and a very low-fat score, which makes them a very popular choice for health-conscious consumers, regardless of how they’re raised.

But here on the Local Dorper Lamb farm, we raise our Dorpers using only the most modern, regenerative farming practices. We chose this method of farming because the wellbeing of our Dorpers is the most important factor for us. We raise them in an environment free from stress, where they have adequate space for play, rest and exploration.

Dorper lambs are natural browsers who love foraging a diverse range of vegetation. They’ll even graze scrubs and weeds that other breeds of sheep don’t eat, which further promotes healthy pastures and healthy sheep.

And over the years, we’ve been very careful with our selective breeding to ensure only the healthiest sheep are members of our flock. We assess our lambs according to factors like their growth potential, build and muscle development, which makes our studs highly sought after!

Dorper sheep also shed their fleece, so we don’t need to muster, shear or crutch them, which also provides natural fly control and improves their health and wellbeing even more.

Our farming practices further support all this. We understand how important it is to preserve the local ecosystem and biodiversity of our farm – for our sheep, our planet and us!

That’s why everything we do is in line with sustainability and regenerative farming methods. Our Dorpers thrive on 80-acres of high-quality pasture and natural grass, supported by our rotational feeding practices that allow for premium pasture regeneration and minimise the risk of parasites.

Our Dorper's organic, grass-fed diet

We pride ourselves on the health of our Dorper lambs, which we promote by raising them on an organic and grass-fed diet.

We avoid using pesticides, fertilisers, hormones and vaccines such as MRNA on our farm, because we believe this not only results in the most nutritional meat product that is highly beneficial and healthy for consumers but also promotes sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Raising Dorper lambs on diets composed only of organic and natural sources helps us ensure the end result is a nutrient-rich meat product, high in essential vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acid and vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 – just to name a few.

This quality nutritional profile is why Dorpers provide such a great taste and texture as well. While some meat can be challenging to cook and require specific methods to get a nice end result (and even if you follow the instructions to the letter, sometimes it still turns out tougher than an old boot!), Dorper lamb is fool proof.

There is no ‘best way’ to cook Dorper and it’s almost impossible to do incorrectly. It’s perfect for any type of cooking method – from barbecuing to stir-frying – as well as any level of cooking skill, making it perfect for everyone from home cooks to restaurant chefs. So you get essential vitamins and minerals to support your health, without needing to sacrifice on taste or texture.

Man standing on a farm looking at the group of lamb

Giving customers the healthiest choice

Between our selective breeding, sustainable farming and organic feeding practices, we’ve cultivated a Dorper lamb product that provides a nutritional powerhouse for health-conscious people and families up and down the NSW coast.

We’re now able to ship directly to customers across Australia, so you can experience the incredible taste, texture and flavour that is the wonderfully unique Dorper lamb.

We love giving our customers the option to choose organic, healthy, grass-fed meat products produces using the most sustainable methods available.

Shopping at Local Dorper Lamb (no matter whether you shop online or come find us at your nearest farmers’ market) helps you make the best choice for your family, supports us local farmers and further encourages eco-conscious farming methods.

If you want to try Dorper lamb and taste the difference for yourself, purchase a taster pack today and have it delivered straight to your door.

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