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  • Chump Chops 4 Pack


    Lamb chump cut taken from the area where the leg meets the shortloin. Pack of 4

  • Cutlets 6 Pack


    Cut from the rib rack. Pack of 6

  • Dog Chews 500g


    100% natural dehydrated dog bones. Perfect for dental health and hygiene. 500g pack.

  • Dog Liver Treats 100g


    100% Pure dehydrated liver treats for animals. An excellent nutritional treat for your beloved pets.  100g pack.

  • Different cuts of meat

    Entertainer Pack

    From: $335.00

    For self-confessed foodies, home chefs who thrive on entertaining friends and family and those whose love language is food, the Local Dorper Lamb Entertainer Pack was made for you. This exquisite assortment of premium-quality Dorper lamb products have been hand-picked according to their 'wow' factor. Each item is guaranteed to impress even the toughest of family critics.

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  • Eye Fillet 2 Pack


    One of the finest cuts available – Organic Local Northern Rivers Dorper Lamb straight from the farm. Pack of 2

  • Eye fillet kebabs 4 Pack


    Local organic Dorper lamb from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales Pack of 4.

  • different cuts and process of meat

    Family Pack

    From: $309.00

    The Local Dorper Lamb Family Pack is the perfect choice for health-conscious parents and caregivers who want to provide nutritious meals without needing to sacrifice taste and texture. Our grass-fed Dorper lamb products are delivered straight to your door, all you need to do is choose your favourite way of cooking and let this premium-quality meat do the rest.

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  • Forequarter Shoulder chops 4 Pack


    Chops made from the blade portion of the shoulder. Contains part of the blade bone, rib, and back bone. Pack of 4.

  • Heart 6 Pieces


    Healthy grass-fed lamb heart. 6 piece pack.

  • Lamb Bacon 8 Pack


    Lightly smoked Lamb Bacon made from loin fillets. Pack of 8.

  • Lamb Breast Riblets 8 Pack


    Long, narrow cuts from the breast section, containing rib bones and thin, flat muscles. Pack of 8.