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About Dorper Lamb

At Local Dorper Lamb, we’re passionate about bringing the highest quality Dorper lamb products from our farm to your table.

These nutritional powerhouses are packed with health benefits and a juicy flavour, with fall-off-the-bone tenderness that you just can’t find anywhere else.

For the best in organic, farm-fresh products delivered to your door, wherever you are, choose Local Dorper Lamb – quality guaranteed and a taste sensation for any occasion.

Our Story

We’re a farming family going back generations. We started Local Dorper Lamb over a decade ago, so we could share our love of prime Dorper lamb with everyone across Australia.

Our grass-fed Dorper Lamb are highly nutritious thanks to our strictly organic, regenerative farming practices. Customers love our Dorper lamb for its guaranteed quality, tenderness and next-level taste. It’s the finest Australian lamb on the market.

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Shop online for straight-to-your-door delicious Dorper lamb products, or find us at your local farmers’ markets each week to grab your faves before they sell out!


“Best tasting lamb I’ve had to date – the quality is amazing!! Each cut I’ve had (nearly all of them) has been so flavoursome. My favourite has been the slow-cooked lamb shoulder in their pasture-raised, grass-fed tallow. I love their seaweed fertiliser too for the gardens; it’s like nothing else I’ve used.” – Jordan Cousins


“Warren and Marina produce the tastiest lamb and offer a friendly local service through the markets. It’s great to talk directly to the people who raise and look after the sheep, local lamb at its best.” – Thomas Scott


“I Love purchasing Local Dorper Lamb’s products at the Ballina Farmers Market at Missingham by the Sea on Sundays. Warren and Marina are extremely nice to talk to and learn about their farm. The taste of their lamb is like none other. So tender and flavourful! Plus, they have such a variety for any type of occasion, but my favourite would either be low and slow on charcoal BBQ or a Shank in the Slow Cooker!” – Alexander Sharkey


“Great local product, a full, rich flavour and not too fatty. The eye fillets, rumps and mince are all wonderful. Love buying local too!” – Helen McDonough


“I had your lamb for the first time this week! A lamb leg roast and some beautiful ribs. I’ve never had lamb or any kind of meat with such depth of flavour, you can taste the care that has gone into these animals. Your ethical farming practises are reflected in the lamb, and I cannot wait until my next purchase.” – Larissa


“Just wanted to say, that was the most delicious lamb chops we have ever had.” – Kristin Bass

News & Articles

All about Dorper lambs

The world of Dorper lambs is a place where countryside charm meets farm-fresh flavours. If you’re curious about what makes Dorper Lambs so special and unique, let’s uncover the delightful secrets of this extraordinary breed.

Regenerative farming: a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture

We love using modern regenerative farming principles for our Dorper lamb. We believe this is the most connected, holistic approach to farming. But people often ask about what it is! So let’s explore more.

The health benefits of clean eating with Dorper lamb

Clean eating has become enormously popular, with people making healthier choices to support their wellbeing and improve the quality of the food they eat. High-quality Dorper lamb is the perfect match for that clean living lifestyle.

From our farm to your table: The Dorper Lamb process

Dorper lamb might not be a familiar name to many consumers, but it’s a well-known and popular breed, highly regarded in the farming world for many reasons. Read more to find out what we love most about Dorper lamb.

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